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Guys! Guys!! We are getting out of here!!! We are going outside of inside!! Bloody hell June 21st could not come quick enough because even I am TIRED of starring at my pretty walls and picture frames and moving furniture only to move it back. It has been a long year! I cannot beleive we have been indoors for a whole entire year.

When we were given the directive to work from home last March I thought, tops two weeks we’ll be back on the beat you know. Some of us even left out a week’s food supply in the office in that very hope. Alas its been a year. Last year I got lucky, I was able to squeeze in two trips with friends and family before the virus hit home proper. We were the last through the doors before the borders shut down to the UK. No one knew what was to come. I cast my mind back to that first lockdown and marvel at how far we have come.

All this to say, all being well, it is coming to an end on June 21st. Peak summer vibes and it couldn’t be better. We just need to hang in there.

In light of the road map and what not, I am re-upping the London content and one of the places I am looking forward to going with my mates is Daisy Green in lovely Marylebone. If you have not heard about this cluster of utterly delightful cafes around London, you are in for a treat. With locations in Marylebone, SOHO, Central London, Victoria, The City, Little Venice, my old stomping ground… trust me this is a true good’un. The food is incredible, the cakes sublime, the vibe much more than fine. It is where you go to eat and have fun, lots of laughs whilst being easy like Sunday morning post Saturday night shenanigans. Over lockdown they created their Radio Lamington cakes that gives back to the NHS for every box ordered; #alamingtonforalamington. The lockdown care package is one of those things that merit a feast with your mates. Fat fluffy cake squares, incredible flavours, bottles of wine and coffee liqueur. Oh and a bag of snake wine gum thingies that I promised to give to my nephews but ate them all.

Roll on the summer


Happiness in a box, delivered in my case before 9am which really is the best way to get out of bed. With the nephews around, we overdosed on cake for a night. 2021 is what we imagined it would be, adult to 2020 therefore licensed to misbehave but a little something sweet goes a long way. And what better way to celebrate the end of this period than to gather with friends for a good old lash about London town. Starting of course with any one of the cafés in the collection. We could just do them all.

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