Growing up, I remember being impatient to wear a bra, it was the ultimate coming of age moment, the last frontier following being allowed to read mills and boons way too early and thongs… please do not get me started on that. Now, so late in life, I cannot understand the hypnosis I must have been under, fighting tooth and nail for my mother to get me first bra;I remember it vividly; a grey Calvin Klein sports bra which at the time was too big for me. Yes, I stuffed it with tissue to help fill it out. Oy vey! Growing up is not so fun after all is it, little one? The last time I wore a bra since the onset of the pandemic was March of 2020, incidentally the last day in the office before the work from home mandate was issued by the government and we switched to more cozy and comfortable attire. In that time I had actually forgotten what wearing a bra felt like, (sometimes I forgot what wearing trousers were like too) I forgot the discomfort and the abject agony it caused after a few hours of wearing one. How did we survive this? The other morning, I decided to be decent for once and threw on a bra before leaving my house on my designated hour for food shopping… no idea why I thought this was a good idea, but it was a momentary lapse of judgement on my part to do the decent thing. Within five minutes of being outside my house, I returned home and took the damn thing off. Why did we ever think this was necessary? Why did our mothers think it necessary to indoctrinate us into this misdemeanour.

There is no plausible sense to wearing a bra, I find it a hinderance really, regardless of cup size, we need to let the girls roam free as I am sure Mother Nature intended. If there is one thing I have learned in this pandemic, its that certain items of clothing, undergarments included, can be done without. Choose your battle, choose your fighter, this is one frontier I do not wish to breech. Add to that is the fact that there is no sexy way to remove a bra during sex, actually it is a barrier to pleasure, so what are we doing here? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Burn the damn bras and roam free. Jiggle and go. Its all a part of life

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