Home. A concept we have become even more familiar with these last ten or so months we have been asked to stay indoors as the world heals herself from within. Home, the one place we ought to find love and light and be nutured. Home as a concept and a physical safe space to be in. The Selfridges windows gives us an outlook at home with The Selfridges and we are all the Selfridges because we have come to redefine and understand the concept of the home and looking at it from within, deep within. This is the year which many of us, all of us I would hazard a guess to proclaim have made strides in rediscovering what it is to be still without a choice, and in so doing it has helped us come to understand who we are and what it is we want from life. For some of us it is rediscovering the joy of family, for others enjoying the solitude and others more a journey of self exploration, whatever the case may be, we have all taken a journey in self discovery and gotten to grips with this concept of Home and what it means.

This is why I adore this Selfridges window, because it explores all facets of our homes, the kitchen, the boudoir, the postman bringing presents, the trees from make shift chandeliers ever the working girl got a shout and what I believe is the Carrie Bradshaw of trees down to the fed up housewife who is telling at her husband to get her, her diamonds because she is fed up of looking at his face all day. I know we have all been there… LOL.

Home. It is where we are most comfortable, most safe, we make messes and clean them up only to make more messes and clean them up over again. Much like we are as humans, imperfect; we love each other, we hurt each other, grow together, see the best and worst of each other and love each even more through that. Home is where are the best and worst of ourselves knowing that we will find love and kindness and forgiveness there. Home.

At home with the Selfridges gives us a look at the different aspects of who we are and through the pandemic have come to be and given us a change at rediscovering our loved ones and being thankful that some of us made it through unscathed but more than anything remembering that others for whom the concept of home will forever change because of the loss. Home… it is who, not where.

where we love is home, that our feet may leave but not our hearts.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

To you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and blissful New Year. May you best day in 2020 be your worst day in 2021… Always.

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