It’s the twenty-third of December; SEASON YOUR CHICKEN. This year is going to be different for all of us. Some of us will be spending Christmas alone, others will be getting together in our bubbles trying to be as careful as possible, and others might not be in the mood to celebrate. All of the above is just fine, 2020 has been a wild year so far, we don’t know whether to thank her or kill her. Right now, I am being Switzerland because sometimes I think of 2020 as a year when I got to appreciate where I am and where I am going other times its like WTF?! But back to Christmas and the menu; set your menu and season your chicken. If like me you are major last minute they would just be getting your menu sorted by now having gone through the manage cooks books you have.

Sample Menu For one

Breakfast; a decadent cheeseboard. Have everything on the board and some champagne or mimosas with prosecco and save the champagne for later. Oh and a sip of water.

Lunch: Turkey thighs or whole seabass: season your chicken, please don’t come up through here with seasonless birds so get your seasoning game on deck;

Seasoning: salt, bouillon cubes, thyme, black pepper, mixed herb, avocado or toasted sesame oil. 2020 is almost over, let’s at least leave it with seasoning our food it is the least we can do.

Grilled veggies: season your veggies; carrots broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, toss in seasoning such like pink Himalayan salt, thyme, black pepper, garlic powder, salt, bouillon cube, toasted sesame oil or any nutty oil for added flavour. Marinate the veggies in that mix and grill for ten minutes.

Dinner: M&S, best ever mac n cheese. You bet your behinds I am buying this for dinner to cap the day off. I wouldn’t necessarily advocate for store bought anything over the holidays because it can be bummy but hear me out; this mac n’ cheese??? Is the lick and I don’t even eat mac n’ cheese like that but this is the TRUTH! And bung it in the over for twenty minutes and bobs your man. Eat with a bottle of chilled cidre.

Sample Family Menu

Brunch for breakfast; and make it epic. Buttermilk pancake, French toast, Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Heston’s banger sausage, Yoghurt and granola.

Because we know no one is going to wake up early enough for breakfast so take your time with a lie in and make a brunch spread.

Yam and eggs. I recently watched ROCKS on Netflix and in one scene the mom made breakfast of yam and eggs for Rocks before school, it would be the last time they spent together. Yam and eggs in Nigerian households is that breakfast; it is of champions and good times. The egg is particular in the way our mothers make it, tomatoes, onions, scotch bonnet pepper, seasoning… it is a kind of magic. And if you have not watched this movie you totally should.

Lunch: Duck fat roast potatoes. Check Turkey; check please tell me you season yours at least 48 hour before putting it in the fridge to soak it all in. Grilled veggies. Mash potato with butter and cream. Fried rice. Jollof rice- Nigerian jollof. because no gathering is worth it without jollof, its really just a meeting. Salad, this one remains my favourite after my mum’s.

Dessert: Brownie and ice cream Warm chocolate chip cookie.

Dinner: Pizza. Ain’t nobody go time to be in the kitchen for dinner too so order pizza the day before and microwave it if you have to

Merry Christmas y’all