Much like Christmas and London are simpatico, so also Fortnum and Mason seems made for Christmas. The windows this year are an ever more reminder of how different Christmas will be for all of us. It takes a look back to the beginning, its first window and some other windows through the years springing forward to 2020 which harkens back to the 1934 window.

1930, the dawn of the last golden era when the world must’ve been jubilant without an idea what was about to happen and how the world will change. Much like we had no idea coming into 2020 what the year had in store for us. If only we know mow what we knew then.. hindsight.

We walk through history of some of its most delightful windows to be reminded of what Christmas is all about, togetherness. Year after year, we lose sight of what it truly means, in light of the consumerist theme about the holidays. Yes gifts are nice, and food is wonderful and drink and all the other merry and bright things Christmas is ushered in with but this year more than the past years, the phrase, “we are in this together” means something, despite being further apart. We can take comfort from the fact that we found common ground as a global society.

When we look back at this moment in time what will we take forward with us? How will we remember it? What message will we heed and spread from it? For me, it is a message of hope, a reminder of the power we posses and what we can accomplish when we come together and play together for the greater good. This is but a moment in time and a powerful moment all the same and one day we will have to look back and remember.