BAH HUMBUG in the glitziest of lights. 2020, what a wild ride. She came, she saw, and she sure did conquer. Man oh Man are we glad to see the back of her. Roll on 2021 because whatever the new year has in store, she couldn’t possibly be as cantankerous as this year right? At least I bloody hope so.

But in so wishing the year away, let us not forget the lessons she has left us with. What are we taking with us into 2021? What are the learnings and the nuggets we will not leave behind?

The Harvey Nichols windows is a fun tongue in cheek look back at 2020, one that cannot be helped; Bah freaking Humbug but if there is one thing we take with us into 2021, let it be that sense of community and togetherness we felt at the height of the pandemic when as one the world retreated, living each day in horror as the pandemic ravaged the world stealing lives. And like Ebenezer Scrooge, let it be the realisation of the goodness of the world, that as we lived through some of the worst days we took care to look a little closer, a little deeper and remember the kindness from those around us.

Let us not be too quick to forget that.