As life goes on, we move on and leave some moments behind, in those moments are people who mattered at one point or other in our lifetimes. I am not a fan of looking back in regret but fond memories often pepper our present and they bring people to mind whom we have forgotten but once held dear. We grow up and grow apart, sometimes amicable and a victim of life and fast times with each passing day. The holidays can be incredibly lonely for some so make time and reach out to an old friend with whom you once enjoyed the fondest moments, whose friendship with you was one of said casualties. If you don’t have time for a chat, send an email or a card just to let them know the pandemic has not made it possible to forget that you were once friends, therefore those bonds remain, even if only in the fondest memories. So take the time and reach out.

BUT please leave toxic people and exes behind don’t drag that to the front. ABEG.