Excess; the only word that encapsulates the Harrods holiday windows. This is luxury at its shiniest and most golden, bougie without any room for misinterpretation; green, gold and shiny pretty things, and I love it. We are splashing out on things we don’t need but want. Life’s very finest things, and in tandem it is an appreciation for craftsmanship; the beautiful things often always are.

if it’s worth doing, its worth overdoing- Ayn Rand

We have spent many months of 2020 living in moderation, indoors, restricted and we are now at the point when we simply just want to let go and go all out, let’s be absolutely gauche and ridiculous, dress up in our very finest, soak ourselves in champagne, hair done, pile on our very finest jewels, the family heirlooms, and escape for a bit.

It’s a shower of luxury being delivered with the most extraordinary effort by land or sea complete with little delivery rocket men. We’ve worked hard, 2020 has been the a different sort of year for most of us, and sometimes we could all do with a little bit more excess to balance out the bleakness of the year. If you can afford it, have at it.

On the flip side, it doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank, it is entirely open to your interpretation something you have thought of, a bucket list item… you do you but tis the season let’s have at it because now is as good a time as any.

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