Tis the season we would normally traipse from party to party, hosting people in our homes but this year we cannot so we are going to host things a different way. First things first, get your thank you cards out and write a thank you note to your guests for the times they graced your home and sat round your table and broke bread with your nearest and dearest. For the memories over the years, the ones that will make all the difference this time around. These are the moments when those moments give us some comfort and it goes a long way. We didn’t make them ourselves, these are the people who made it possible so give the gift of gratitude and thanks. If you don’t have thank you cards, you have post cards or letter writing sets… We are kin so you must have something otherwise get some from Smiths’ or Waterstones, Paperchase is also quite good for this.

Next, in addition to the card, add a menu card with your signature dish or show stopping dessert, because we are going to have a virtual dinner pretty soon so get them prepared. We don’t have to all eat the same thing, the more options the better. Send that secret recipe, don’t worry, granny will be fine with it. Maybe throw in a bottle of your wine to go with it or champagne and prepare your guests for a virtual dinner party.

Life has changed, and so we move.