As we go through this calendar, I will be inserting self care every so often, the aim here is not to out-Christmas ourselves before we get to Christmas Day, rather, we must slowly glide through the holidays, breathing evenly, deeply feeling and making sure to take every care. Self care is what we make of it; retail therapy of any kind, overdosing on Netflix, an indulgent treat or three… today and every week, I want you to buy yourself flowers, light candles, because we have a range of amazing candles stashed; it’d be terribly not on-brand if we didn’t, use diffusers, awaken your senses and fill your home with scents of the holidays. Bring the great outdoors indoors, transform your home into the most delightful smelling bouquet and pull the curtains back to let in what little light the sun would deign to bless us with. Hydrangeas are always a winner for me, so every week from now until Christmas I will be buying up any hydrangeas I find because they are quite simply out the most beautiful flowers out there. Better than peonies… hey fight yourself, I said what I said.

To The Flowers (excerpts)

…Ye are relics of bygone ages,
From Eden inherited,
To gladden the homes of the living,
And mourn on the graves of the dead

-Martha Lavinia Hoffman

The instruction is pretty simple, get to the flower market or a local florist and get your some pretty flowers, light candles, turn on the diffuser and prepare to take it low and slow in your flow… see what I did there? Me neither, so NVM. Do as I say. Oh by the way, the soundtrack to this moment is I’ll Give You Flowers… by Sweet Female Attitude because we all deserve flowers to brighten up our day, every day.

Don’t forget to send your parents a bunch. Extra points for sticking to a local business.