Advent Calendar day 3 | Get Your Silverware

This is where I know I trolled myself big time because most everything I have in my house is not dishwasher safe, I have a dishwasher that I have never used for dishwashing, and for someone who HATES to do the dishes? I really played myself on this one… BUT for Christmas, get your dishes in order babe.

How are you doing Christmas this year? Solo? With family? With friends? However you are spending the holidays, you get out your best and prettiest; serve a full service complete with champagne high hat. At the risk of sounding repetitive, this Christmas is going to look and feel a lot different, we are even more so aware of all that is happening around us, aware of the pain and sadness and loss. As a collective global society, this year will hit different.

So take a deep breath my darlings, and know that you are not alone.

Bowl from Zara

Plates from Anthropologie

Pear & sardine can side dish bowl- Tiger

Chinese takeaway side dish; Tiger

Life is too short is a saying that has been exhausted but no year has made it more obvious than 2020, the year the world changed as a whole from inside out. The year we stayed inside and prayed as one for the healing of the world, for it to be nourished from within as we hold on to hope of a better future.

And though we are not out of the woods yet, there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel, dim but hopeful that that light will get brighter. Until then, we do what we can and celebrate the fact that we are here today, and are thankful for that. We take the day as it comes, one at a time, say a prayer for those we have lost and keep their loved ones left behind in our thoughts and prayers. As you raise your glass in a toast to the world, do it on your best; go all out with the silverware, you know the one you inherited from grandma that you keep only for special occasions? Life right now is that special occasion. Please open up your cupboards and take out the dishes from the bubblewrap. Life is too short to eat on everyday plates and cups. Eat on gold.

No really, eat on gold. I am