This is typically the deepest clean you will have to do so it pays to do this earlier in the month because this is where we can and should go crazy. It always starts with a drawer, that one drawer and before we know it, it mushrooms to the entire house and at the risk of losing our collective minds, get on this the first week of the month, and head the chaos off at the pass. (whatever that means).

It’s no secret, when it comes to cleaning we never start as we need to go along, we start and then go overboard with these sorts of cleaning hence the need to start early.

Step 1: Invest in good cleaning products- I recently purchased some products from The Laundress at Selfridges, I have been waiting forever to get my hands on these, believe me, they got me with the kitch packaging. But, these are pretty solid products, pricey sure, but we have alternatives, like KINN, which I use on rotation.

Step 2: Invest in good room sprays- again Laundress room spray is fresh, oh so fresh. Anything from The White Company especially and that White Lavender room spray is chef’s kiss.

Step 3: Hand wipes and surface cleaners in this age of the Rona, we need all the help we can get for wipes so have at it.

And away we go.

Clean out your oven and microwave: anyone else alway forget to do this? Right?! I mean I am trying to get rid of the microwave simply because of aesthetics, but that is a chat for another day. Still, clean out your oven.

Get beneath the kitchen sink, the dreaded bottom of the kitchen sink hole, its like a black hole and we just throw everything and anything in there, but get to stepping and cleaning. Get some clear bins, and labels or a sharpie to label and organise. Bins you can find on amazon here

Tidy up your storage cupboard. I have a storage cupboard filled with bags and bags of super market shopping bags, no idea why I have so much but I have officially become my mother’s child.

Apart from the usual suspect like the skirting board, the bookshelves, clean them out, dust and the works. And for the love of God please DO NOT STORE BOOKS AS RAINBOWS!! This is a personal assault on everyone and why would you do that? WHY? In any case dust the shelves and store your books by author NOT colour. You crazy people.