Yes another one because ooooh baby it’s been a wild year, and there has never been a better time to celebrate than 2020; some of us made it, some of us will never be whole because of it. All of us lived through it and it will come to define our time here on earth. Where were you when 2020 was unfolding?

To those we lost, we hold you dear in our hearts. Always. You are loved.

The guide; these are a few of my favourite things, actually all are a few of my favourite things. December is my second favourite month, following closely March which happens to be my birthday month. You want to know how possessive I am of March? I do not recognise anyone born before my birthdate, matter of fact my sister in law had my niece a day after my birthday because I think she knew… insert crazy face emoji, Anyway back to December and the season of advent, let’s start off with the ultimate lazy gift guide because there will always be those amongst us who do things last minute… raises hand. To the guide.



Gift of a lifetime, or a year or however long because let’s face it we are not all green thumbs. One of my favourite places to shop for plants is patch plants. Their plant deliveries are worth looking forward to, even my delivery driver loves to deliver it.

As a bonus their website is the easiest to navigate, complete with video tutorials and layman’s speak for those of us who have no idea where to start with the two inches rule and how does one take care of a cactus indoors???



These handmade rugs and throws from Morocco will add both colour and vibrance to any house hold. Age old techniques are used to spin threads into heirlooms.

The Amazigh are well known for their craft, but its their stories that touch you the most, so take a piece of history home with you whenever you visit, also take some time to hear their stories about their land and culture. I promise you won’t soon forget.



Sensory gifts make some of the most delightful gifts and stocking fillers, try some unusual scents or stick to the tried and true, either way, they make a world of difference to the recipients; A few places I like to get my candles:

For gift ideas, send candles and a nicely wrapped bunch of eucalyptus to your friends… the ultimate sensory orgasm,


Travel within the walls of your home with storied prints from my online travel market, the-edtd;

The Palace collection is exquisite, if I may say so myself, traipse the grounds upon which Kensington Palace sits, explore Hyde Park, in my biased opinion the most beautiful park in the world, take in that quintessential view and watch London unfold from season to season; you are witnessing mother nature at her very finest. Oh by the way, newsletter subscribers get a little from the market… don’t stay I didn’t tell you.


Travel with care… care for the land, for the people, for the culture and for that unforgettable feeling that makes you always want to return.


The best travel book I have read this year is Accidentally Wes Anderson. Snippets of corners of the world, vivid pictures and some of the most breathtaking places to put on your list of where to go once the world opens up.




To old acquaintances, reminisce with travel buddies, tell a story of a particular day on your travels… share the memories and promise to make new ones someday.

If like me, you collect wines on your travels then stick a post card in with a story of where you got this from, its bound to inspire some warmth, hope for better days. Send off with a kiss and a prayer.

THE TRAVELLER’S DAYBOOK: is one of those rare and enchanting books that contain several fascinating stories of moments in the lifetimes of the living and dead as they roamed the earth.


Children, what memories will they come away with after going through this time in their history. Make memories to put in the mix of those memories…


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jumper from our store, Agnes and Lola, for children, especially the mis-matched cuffs.

A is for many things, let’s just not limit it to Apple eh.


Give the children something different to learn like something about Africa and its many countries and unique histories. The puzzles are both fascinating, enriching and educational; it will challenge the myth in the media about my beloved continent and inspire the next generation to do and be better than we were.



Rococo Chocolates:

For all the family, book in a truffle making session at this delightful independent chocolatier, learn about the history of the different types of chocolates, be intrigued by Ruby and Blondie and learn about the superiority of the dark. And hot chocolate. Well good.

check them out here

Dark Sugars

Do you know, I think this brand makes my list most every year because it is one of my favourite chocolate brands in London, and is Black owned. Something for christmas eve, for the little and big ones to enjoy, soaking up christmas movies, and being indulged and waited on.

explore the goodness here


Spare a thought for your neighbours and our essential workers. Never have we been more united and affected by a moment so profound and revealing as we have been the past ten months. Never. And if we take one thing away from this moment, it is my hope that we continue to look out for each other, and not forget the pockets of happiness we saw, that gave us hope. So bake something for a neighbour or a local hospital as a way of letting them know you are thinking of them and an absence of sight is never an absence in mind. Also a token of thanks to our essential workers who put their lives on the line and families on hold to save lives as much as they could. Thank you will never be enough, but we say it any way.


We all have that one person in our lives whom we love and do not know what to get for them over the holidays because it looks like they have everything so inspire a memory and give them something to look forward to…


Whenever I travel I buy a couple bottles of bring home with me because it takes me back and stirs up a certain memory. If you do this then send a bottle along with a note to that person who is almost always impossible to shop for. If you don’t can I recommend Vin de Constance. An immaculate bottle.


Along with coffee, really good coffee that is, send a post card with some poetry, maybe, or a favourite Irish blessing, make plans for the future with a friend. Give them a moment of day dream in the long winter days ahead.



MEASURING CUPS; am I the only one who collects measuring cups? No? Good because Anthropology have a few really cute measuring cups to add to our collections. And these are not so random or are they… either way, we are all at home now and baking banana breads and what not, so yes this is needed

VASE: This vase is in one word; BEAUTIFUL and NEEDED. Let’s not think about the necessity but indulge in the not so much needed but gotta have it gifts



May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

the rains fall soft upon your fields,

and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

– Irish Blessing