SLOW IT RIGHT DOWN: In the words of the Swedish, observe Fika in your home. We talk so much of slow living but hardly have time to put it into practise because the world is falling about our ears. We need to be intentional about the things we ought to do to put our minds and bodies at ease. Find a time in the day that is simply for you that lets you switch off from everything and everyone around you. It could involve reading a book, glass of wine, coffee, champagne, whatever it is, it is crucial that you take this time to slow right down to snail’s space even and be intentional for you.

MAKE PEACE WITH THE UNKNOWN: The world is living in a moment of the great unknown and for a lot of us, this is where fear resides. But make peace with it, make peace with not trying to figure out the unknown. We don’t know what we don’t know and fretting about it will only do a number on us so make peace with let it flow.

PROTECT YOUR PEACE: As we are forced to become more insular with our lives we have become more in tune with ourselves, we know what our wants, our tolerance levels, and things we just won’t settle for and in taking time for ourselves we carve out a place for us in our own space, and it is sacred. We get to know what we will and will not tolerate, who we will and will not let into our space. Your peace is sacred, so please protect it.

MAKE OKRO SOUP: This is the ultimate slow soup. As a child growing up in Nigeria, Okro soup was something of a treat; my other made it when we are coming home from boarding school for the holidays and in it were cuts of all kind, offals, some sea food, kpanla, stock-fish… we’d have it with pounded yam because its the only way to have okro soup, Today however, I try to eat it as a soup on its own; it is so filling and it is so soothing your insides. So make okro soup. Recipe and how to coming soon

BE IN THE PRESENT: We have not had a smooth sailing 2020 all our plans and goals have fallen to the way side since the onset of the pandemic. You see it is so easy for us to look back on what we did not achieve and be frustrated or over egg ourselves into making grandiose plans we may or may now be able to attain… all the while forgetting the present of our lives, so be in the present forget what happened or what is coming, forget the entire thing and be in the present of your moment, every moment of it.

SEEK JOY ACTIVELY: Winter is coming (sorry I will never get tired of saying that) the days will get much shorter and darker sooner and we are likely going to spend most of our times indoors but try if you can to find the light; avoid the news sometimes, disconnect from social media, light a candle, stick your head out for air, open up your curtains and try to see the light in everything. It is hard these days and getting harder but know that you are not alone, some days will be shitty but purposely and actively seek joy. Its in the little things most days and revel in it.

STAY CONNECTED: From the rule of six to social distancing to tier 1,2,3… we are constantly being told that we must be apart for our protection and others, but do not forget to check in; your friends who seem to have it together, they are struggling, even if they don’t say it, your sister and brother whose lives seem perfect, reach out to them, check in, face time and make sure you are checking in on the ones you love and even the random friend you’ve fallen off with. Check in on people.

And take care of you.

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