Summer Sessions No. 8 | The Watch List

Some summer nights we need to spend indoors and this is where we Netflix and chill the hell out. With a summer storm rolling in and the weather swaddling between really hot and cool, time indoors is much needed on those days we are not feeling the heat.


This is a visual treat, a celebration of Black men and a tribute to the women who raise them. Beyonce really did this for us, the visuals are fantastic, different aspects of African culture feature in the music. It is a vivid and stunning celebration of Blackness, a reminder that we are and will be magnificent people. It is something to share with your children and raise them to. It is a feast of empowerment and impactful stories.


A story about the humanity of those whom we seem to placed on a pedestal. One of the issues I find with religion is the fact that often times we miss the interaction with the divine and place all of that on the person at the pulpit preaching to us. But all salvation is personal, in my opinion. The relationship you have is with your faith; within you and the God you serve, whatever the divinity. This film reminds us of the humanity of the two popes and how as humans we are not infallible. We all come with our baggage to whatever altar we choose to lay it down on.


Comfort watch the charming small town drama. A nurse practitioner moved from Los Angeles to Virgin River following some personal tragedy. Over time we get to learn the back story of what she is running from. All while dealing with the issue of an abandoned baby, a nosey mayor and a crabby doctor who does not think he needs the help… There’s romance too and a bombshell ending


Another small town drama about three best friends navigating secrets, divorce, singledom and the usual elements with small town issues. But I have to say it, Maddie, was there no one else who she could have date besides the high school coach? I really needed to get this out there because I was so furious with her. This is the usual elements of a small town story but with added charm, drama and some corny lines but I always find myself wanting to POUR IT OUT.


OMG Its like we never moved on from where we left off. Justin Bobby and Audrina… OY VEY! Really though? We are talking about this STILL?!! The Hills is a total guilty pleasure and its a moment in time that takes us back to the frivolity of days of yore. I am not sure that I love this new beginnings because nothing here feels new, except the old guards that show up and make the new kids, Brandon Lee especially, look good. And Jason Whaler too is married and sober with kid and a mouthy wife and Brody Jenner… no, no, we did not move on. But it is still a nice distraction and what you watch with your girlfriends over champagne and sitting in judgement.


I’ve enjoyed watching this documentary on Amazon prime for the simple fact that I am fascinated by culture of other countries before the West intruded and interrupted their stories. This is a sad story of Princess Farah of Iran whose story reminds me of Princess Grace of Monaco. It is a bittersweet life; exiled from her home, watching it in turmoil, two children committed suicide never having gotten over the tragedy of leaving the home they grew up loving. Living in a land that for the most part felt foreign to them. She outlived her children and lives with the history of a glorious past and what increasingly feels like a fallen future and tragedy, but here she is, still living.


I am a HUGE Formula One buff, besides the fast cars and thrill, its the engineering behind the sport, the mathematics of it all, the precision and a little bit of the god complex at cheating death. More than anything its the fact that it is the one sport where physical and mental ability is needed to compete and hard to cheat to win… no Lance Armstrong stories here… at least for now.

Ayrton Senna was the Brazillian race car driver who died on the track when his car was involved in an accident at the Monaco Grand Prix. Senna remains one of the greats in the sport, providing the fastest lap and a magician in the rain. His story is more tragic because he was so young but so inspirational because we can only imagine what he would have acheived if his life was not cut so tragically short.


This is a fun and flight romcom set in South Africa. Dineo is in love with the idea of being married and afraid of being single into herself so that leads us down a path of short lived relationships and the one she thinks she is meant to spend the rest of her life with. This is fresh and fun, encompasses social media and the world of clicks and likes and going viral ergo the perfect summer watch. And Lunga can get all of it.


The courage to be vulnerable and show up for your life. Brené Brown gives us an incredible wake up call in this special on Netflix. She talks about the courage of daring to bet on yourself, be open and expect vulnerabilities because it is in these times you discover who you truly are and what you can really do not only for you but for everyone around you. So dare to bet on yourself and show up.


I love this Masterclass, its informative, insightful and fun. Kelly taps into the mind’s eye on design, no matter the space. Your space should be defined on your terms, and it should be your sanctuary, a place you can look forward to coming back to and welcoming people to. Any items in your wardrobe should feel and look at home amongst your furniture. She talks about texture and patten and how striking out with bold patterns is not confined to a particular space. She works us through colour and the impact the outside can and should make on the inside, light and ambience… if you do have the masterclass subscription it is one of my favourites.

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