Summer Session No.7 | Podcast Saturday

On Saturday mornings whilst cleaning my house, I like to listen to podcasts or re-listen to episodes on Masterclass. If you don’t have a sub to that, podcasts are an excellent way to tune out the world and tune into yourself with the help of some wise words from some inspirational people, or maybe you want to imbibe yourself in a little political drama or mystery or travel, whatever floats your boat is just fine. Here are some for the summer and beyond


Slow Burn is an investigative/popular culture podcast that looks over the events that have defined the world and some of the most influential people. The inaugural season looks at the Watergate scandal that rocked the Nixon presidency. The last season takes a detailed look into the rivalry and death of Tupac and Biggie and its wider impact on the hip-hop community. What was particularly interesting here is the slant it places on how this rivalry pit women in the middle and how these women have forever been defined by that era. Especially Faith, it was easy for us to ignore that fact that women were being used as a pawn in these men’s games but listening to this podcast it casts that perspective on the listener as we reexamine those moments.


Women Who Travel goes beyond travelling, it is a deep dive of how travel impacts women and out experiences from it. I especially love episodes that deal with travelling outside your comfort zone, to the usual suspects a la Europe and America. It is opening one up to discovering the world and listening to people who have journeyed so far… I love the episodes with Jessica Nabongo of Catch Me If You Can; she talks about how we need to experience the wider world and how to stay open minded and believe that wherever we find ourselves is where we are meant to be. And more important she makes me believe that the world is mostly full of good people who are welcoming and willing to share with us a piece of their world with us.


MyTaught You is one of those podcasts that has an episode for everyone, and everyone has to listen because Myleik is talking to us, all of us. She drops gems and advice and everything else we need to push ourselves out of out comfort zone. Myleik is an all round game changer and you should be listening to this podcast


Leave Your Mark, as I have said before, Aliza is right for this and good for this. She has some of the best and most incredible and inspirational guests on with sage advice for how you need to make your mark wherever one finds themselves, this is the ultimate career mover and shaker

There is more, much more, but its the summer and we won’t always spend mornings like these, but on the occasion we do, these are the four that I have been listening to on rotation especially when I need something other than music to fill in the background noise.

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