Summer Session No. 5 | Get Your House In Order

And by this I mean create a harmonious space you can indulge in and enjoy, no matter where you call home- a one bedroom in a house share, a bed in a corner, an apartment, or a five bedroom home… make it work for you because chances are most of us will be spending an inordinate amount of time at home, so we might as well get it to a place where we can look forward to coming back to everyday or spending time in during the summer. Home, after all, is where the heart is.

Get Some Green

I am a new home owner, ish as its been over a year and I have come to appreciate the joy of plants in my yard. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a plant killer- Francis the Fern is looking rather shifty these days, but it has not stopped me from trying. I have about sixteen plants in apartment and each time I go into a shop I tend to come back with another and for now, they are all alive. My cactus is a monster sitting on my window ledge, aloe is at the foot of my bed. I like having plants around me, they give a sense of calm and well being.

Two places I have recently shopped and will continue to shop for plants is patchplants and houseofkojo.

Get Light

Candles are a mood booster, game changer and a little slice of indulgence we must gift ourselves. I love a good candle, love the way it fills up your home and the additional warmth it can bring. Light a different candle in every room in your home, including your kitchen and let scents transport you to a different space from room to room.

Get Indulgent

Every evening, take a bath, a warm luxurious bath with candles, music and a glass of something delightful. Immerse yourself in that environment and soothe your cares away. Let’s not kid ourselves 2020 has been a year, to say the least, for most of us. For some, it will be the hardest we will ever live through, so carve yourself thirty minutes a day, amidst a world slowly trying to reset herself whilst the rest of us implode all over the place and make it all about you.

Get Travelling Indoors

Whenever I travel I come back with a bottle or two of the local wine, whilst I am not a big drinker of wine, my preferred beverage is champagne, but each bottle brings back a memory; whether it was when I got lost in Varenna, missed my ferry and found a small shop where the owner gave me all the tips of where to go in Lake Como, or a delightful dinner on my lonesome in Florence on a rainy night enjoying a particular bottle of sweet wine or in Cortona remaking my best Tuscan sun moment, or a day in Paris… whatever it is, it is a bottle I can share with friends and share the stories behind the bottle.

Get Your Spices

This one might sound silly but this is a necessary rule of life, spice up your foods, from salads to meats, to veggies, please, abeg, get some spices and wake your tastebuds to discover tastes and engage in your senses… nothing, nothing is worse than a tasteless salad so prepare some spices, two or three max that can be versatile for everything.

Get Your Walls Talking

I hate bare walls, I hate not have a point of view to look that that conjures up a memory, an image that tells a story, because I am an endless story teller at heart. So I fill up my walls with photographs and items that sometimes I have made and other times bought from. Naturally, the prints from my shop theedtd where I tell stories through pictures of my travel. Whatever it is, let your walls talk.

Featured image available here