Summer Session No.4 | Go Out. Out.

Call your friends and go for a picnic in a local park. Whilst we cannot go out, out, OUT, we can still go out, out into the wild down the road. The days are warm, summer is popping so why not venture outside and enjoy the best of the weather. Mask on, basket packed, champagne chilled and socially distanced.

Call your friends so we can be friends.

Let’s share stories and dreams over bottles of champagne

Get tipsy and high under the hot summer sun.

Let us all dream of a better world on the other side of this

And make plans for when she opens back up to us again.

Forgiving and welcoming…

Let us all come together and dare to dream whilst being in the moment.



Whilst we are at it, let’s not forget the essentials:

Champagne because why not, we might not be able to experience summer like we used to but we are still thriving and surviving. So go ahead on and pop some bottles.

Cheese and crackers, some sour to balance the sweet

Cake: because a gathering without cake is simply a boring meeting.

Cookies: these Cipriani biscuits are my favourite for any occasion, bite size and so, so delicious and the perfect accompaniment to a sweet, solid cocktail.

Cocktails: if you opt out of champagne, replace it with cocktails it is one or the other. These pre mixed bottled from Harvey Nichols are perfect and hassle free, just come with your own ice bucket and goblet.

Salads: because our mothers will judge us if we do not eat our greens and reds so let’s do as we were raised up to; grab a small pot of tomato mozarella from your local and call it a day. Its the perfect summer salad.

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