Melanin Hair Care | Happily Ever After

I’m probably the reason why Whitney limited the buy on each products to 3 per item… in fact I am fairly confident its because of me. I live in the UK so you cannot blame me.

Wash day is an event for me, a full time job if you are observing. The true relationship with my hair properly started when on a whim I went out and cut off all my hair in protest to an ex who actually adored my relaxed and very long hair and often warned me against cutting it. I went into Erroll Douglas and had a senior tech work on my hair and put it on his credit card… safe to say our relationship was done pretty much after that. I don’t regret it.

Hair is personal for me; it is reminder of where I was and the identity I adopted whilst growing up and engorging the pages of magazines that told me permed straight hair was the norm with their choice in models and products, as opposed to my natural kinky curly hair. Besides dark and lovely relaxers I cannot remember any options for Black hair that had nothing to do with chemically straighten and so goes the story of identification by follicles. Sitting in the hair dresser’s chair and going through the burn ever four to eight weeks is distressing to think about much less live through, but it was done for more than a decade, because those were the options open to us back then.

My relationship with my natural hair fully blossomed with the discovery of the late Meechy Munroe, I remember watching her videos and going on a hunt for Cantu hair products which I doused my hair with and watched for the first time as my natural hair blossomed; this was the new world to me, this journey of embracing my own natural hair as an adult. This is not to say the beginning was smooth, it wasn’t, it was hard taking care of my hair, I was that person who would pay people to take care of it for me, because there was something terrifying of getting to know my own hair; intimidating even. It often felt I was going against the grain of convention when it came to hair. This often meant braids most of the time, and salon visits to get my favourite Jamaican hair dressers (shout out to A&J) to wash and condition it for me and then two weeks later back into braids.

Enter Naptural85. Watching Whitney on YouTube meant getting to know my hair on a personal level and understanding what was going on with it, the process and the appreciation for the process. Whitney taught me patience with my hair and cultivated a love speak if you will. Whatever Whitney said to do for my hair, I did it. co-wash? Done. Pre-poo with aloe-vera; the hunt for real aloe vera was real, but I did it and took the time do the work in order to appreciate my hair… ever single follicle. I trim my hair myself!! I understand how to look for split ends, fun fact: I never did. I understand what was going on with my scalp and why caring for my scalp was the starting point. Ends to roots in the words of Whitney. You name it I have gone on a deep dive of understanding my hair and beyond that appreciating it deeply

And so when Whitney said she was releasing her own line of hair care products, I was like TAKE ALL MY MONEY WHITNEY!!

There is a level of passion you feel when you use the products, passion and understanding, I stress that word because it is on a much deeper level of acceptance, and absolute joy in using the products.

The Hair Oil: is everything and the best there is on the market. Quote me. Imagine a hair oil that is NOT oily, it is not heavy so it does not weigh down the hair, it simply soaks right in and settles into the hair like happily ever after.

The Hair Elongating Cream… hahahahha I am LOL’ing at people who don’t have any right now because I HAVE SOME. HAAAAAAA. Sorry I am the worst but cannot help but gloat. This cream is as joyous as it is stimulating and elongating. You feel her glide through finely and moisturise without the glunk, you know what I mean for my sisters who use shea butter?

The Leave In Conditioner: this is a kind of magic because Whitney has changed the game with this product. I was one of those who had an aversion to leave in conditioners because I didn’t understand the benefits of it for my hair but this leave in conditioner, conditions unconditionally. It soothes your follicles.

I love these products so much I couldn’t love them any more than I do and if I did I’d have to sell a kidney if it went out of stock to get one…I am not above doing that considering I have gone 30 miles to get a pair of shoes… another story. This is a brilliant line of products for Black hair, the best I have used for my hair, and I have used A LOT. My hair eats and lives much better than I do. She lives the life I want to live.

Besides the fact that it is a small business, a small Black owned business, these products are incredibly, incredibly, incredible. I shopped it twice during lock down and got them within five days or less in the UK… how is that for service. But more than anything it is the appreciation of my natural hair, the understanding of it and the celebration. It is on a deeper level, more personal and more enlightening which takes me right back.

Thank you Whitney.