Small Island- National Theatre

Read the book by Andrea Levy and watch the play on the National theatre youtube channel before it leaves tonight 7pm GMT. Preferably read the book after you watch the play because it is there for a limited time.

In light of the mood of the world right now, and how history is getting a reckoning this is a MUST watch. Small Island in my opinion is a question of home and what it means; coming from the place you have always known as home, leaving the familiar of it behind and settling in a foreign land after sacrifices in hopes of a better life. Hope that the land and its people will welcome you because of said sacrifices for them and their own land. It is that feeling of being in a space foreign to you and how the ones who already occupy the space will treat you.

Home; a question of unwavering hope, new realities in a foreign land and human nature in a world unknown to all involved; after the second world war. Home.

Watch it Here