The EDTD | A Traveller’s Story

Not sure what my fascination is with the word THE, but I suppose it is the assertiveness and definitive manner it is spoken… in any case I would like to introduce you to my new venture, THE EDTD; a traveller’s story where I sell limited edition prints from travels. All pictures are taken, edited and printed in-house by me and have been carefully curated to tell a story on the road and moments in-between. I hope you follow along and enjoy the stories and pictures and the memories I will share.

The debut series centres around one of my favourite places on earth, Morocco; Chefchaouen and the journey between small towns Marrakech and Essaouira and Chaouen and Fez, which features my favourite print of the collection (I mean they are all favourites), Goats In Trees. There is a moment in the September Issue when Grace Coddington is enroute to a photoshoot, when she says to always keep your eyes open on the road, never go to sleep in the car because the scenes outside your window can inspire you. It is possibly my favourite scene in the documentary because we see Grace in all her softness and appreciate how her mind works. As a traveller I never stop looking and engaging, even in the most quiet of moments, I look out the window and am charmed by the moment outside, the landscape, the people we drive past and the many stories they can conjure up. And more often than not, I stop for those moments; like the goats in the trees. Stop for the goats in the trees.

And stop by THE EDTD.