Windows Of Nuremberg

I think a lot about Nuremberg, specifically about the windows of Nuremberg and what they look out to on days like these. Days when they are the only windows, so to speak, to the soul of the world. Days when there is no one around; no tourists with cameras or mobile phones, no people on her cobbled streets enjoying the best of the summer, no lines outside the bread shops… no bikes, no bells, the only sound being the birds. I think about what they make of these views. Are they even empty to them or just something different, and in its own way full of life and loud with quiet. Do they welcome the feeling?

I wonder what the eyes that look out from behind the windows see. Really see and feel about the new view. Is it new to them or has it always been there but they are only now able to see it?

Curiousity often gets the better of me hence I cannot help but wonder what goes on behind the windows of the houses I walk past, what lives they live and stories they tell. I wonder if the people within them are happy behind closed doors, as happy as can be. I hope they are.

Our lives have become invariably intertwined with others at the other end of the world we are going through something both profound and scary all at once and whilst our geography remains different, and our time-zones outpaces each other, the feelings behind closed doors are for the most part the same. We look out of the windows to empty streets of villages, towns, and cities, scared and worried, never before have we regarded each other with caution. Human contact makes up our world, our interaction is through touch and feel, guided by speech and emotion. What will the world be like when we come out this?

The windows of Nuremberg are grand and quirky, with a softening charm that often elicits thoughts on the person who installed them and their thinking. They shroud streets steeped in history both dark and light, the many witnesses to good and bad times. If eyes are the windows to our souls, the window is the witness to the lives of each passing moment as we sleep and wake; a reflection and absorption.

I think a lot about the windows of Nuremberg, what they see these days, what they absorb, and if they could, what they would feel about the state of the world today as they take in this new view. Or maybe they are simply glass flanked by wood and installed into concrete.