On A Random Sunday Morning, We Went Truffle Making

Sunday morning, its raining and its grey you really don’t want to get out of bed but then a long awaited truffle making class has been scheduled by a crazy person on a Sunday morning- said crazy person being me. I should point out that my relationship with chocolate can best be described as love-hate-meh, but I love what can be done with chocolates or its adjacent like nutella. Rococo chocolates in Mayfair is kind of like a chocolate lover’s fantasy, it feels heavenly as you step into it and in the back of the shop is where the workshop takes place with an instructor that teaches you not just how to mould your truffle but teaches you on the history of chocolate and the different types because white, milk and dark- there’s ruby which is the closest to its natural origin and my new favourite the blonde- as sexy in taste as it sounds in name.

We started off with hot chocolates, some of the most delicious hot chocolate laced with dark chocolate that didn’t have that deep after taste in the throat or maybe its the mixture of both something warm and smooth and something deep and dark. The we got round to moulding our chocolate before being given a history lesson on the origin of chocolate and how it behaves from root to your table, how the elements affect it and how to sense taste to know the notes, by the über talented master chocolatier, and Head of Experience, Jon Hogan. Now that’s a title I am most envious of.

I left impressed with chocolate, with a few bars for baking and a new found respect for chocolate makers who are dedicated to their craft much like Jon is. This is a wonderful activity to do in London, for families, friends, children, adults, corporate thing or just something to do on a random Sunday morning when you really don’t want to get out of bed but you have to.