Advent Stories #8 | Five Shot Glasses Of Gin

‘You did what?!’

The friends had just broken the news to Blu about Brodie being in town and she in turn just told them about the money she paid into his account.

‘Why the fuck would you do that? Why?’ Dada scolds her cousin.

‘I don’t know… I don’t know! I wasn’t thinking I panicked. I thought he would think I just used him for whatever and I didn’t want him to think that so I did the next best thing-’

‘Stupidest more like.’ Franny says. ‘What the hell were you thinking?’

‘Quite clearly, she wasn’t.’ Simi says, ‘so let’s just all take a breath.’

‘It’s too late for breaths. Blu care to explain why you’d do such a thing?’ Maya tries to come to her friend’s aid, but Blu is making it so hard for everyone to reason with her.

‘I can’t.’ The second Blu transferred that money she wanted to take it back, she knew Brodie would be pissed. She jilts him at the altar, changes her number, doesn’t speak to him for weeks and then pays him off. What the hell was she thinking?! ‘I cannot tell you why I did it except in those seconds it felt like the right thing to do.’

‘But you haven’t spoken to him. How do you think he’ll take it?’

‘He’ll be pissed. I know I would be.’ Franny says, ‘do you have any alcohol in this lovely kitchen of yours I need a stiff drink Blu. It’s too early in the day and you are already driving me to drink.’ She opens a bottle of gin she found in the cellar, off the kitchen by the butler’s pantry, and fills five shot glasses for them. They all need to drink.

‘Blu,’ Maya takes gulp of her shot glass of gin, ‘you need to tell us the whole truth. What happened that set you off?’

‘And don’t tell us you need to talk to Brodie first because if you really wanted to you would not have changed your number.’ Dada says.

‘Here, here.’ Franny refills all their glasses. ‘Start talking before I physically make you.’ She will make good on that; if she has to hold her down so she can confess her sins, she will.

Blu doesn’t see how she can get out of this now…bloody hell.