The Holiday Windows | Harrods- The Kingdom Of Christmas

The Holiday are coming… the holidays are coming and there is nothing more magical than the windows of the departments stores in London. You’ll be hard pressed to find any better, anywhere else in the world; a big statement to make but colour me biased. London has a way of bringing christmas to life in a way that feels so magical, especially in the days leading up to it. The windows tell a story, if you can imagine it enough, it is like being enveloped in a story book only with happy endings.

In this series of the pre-advent stories, the first window up is Harrods: The Kingdom of Christmas they have themed it. As far as windows go, it is not my favourite simply because Harrods have created some magical windows in the past and one of which led me to writing my christmas short which you can buy here

I love a good narrative as you can tell and imagery that brings said narrative to life, hence this window fell a little flat simply because the branding took away from the spirit of Christmas and made it much too commercial.

In the past windows that have had their brands advertised have been included in the overarching theme but  they felt very much a part of the story, this otherworldly place created but this felt very much like a sponsored instagram reel than a festive window for the season. However, what I do love about it is the animals spreading cheer, this speaks to the little kid in us all. If you can you should go see it.