Forces of Change- Vogue

“It’s Vogue ok, please let’s… lift it.” This remains one of the most memorable quotes from The September Issue during an interaction between Anna Wintour and Edward Enninful. The phrase encapsulates her entire thoughts on Vogue and its role in larger society. And for a long time this was how I felt about British Vogue before the arrival of Enninful; the tone? flat, content? Uninspiring and I could not get my head round the refusal to reflect society as we know it, the many tones and colours that make up British society, the fashion society of which then Editor, Alexander Schulman, was perched at its highest point.

CHANGE- its a force for good, however uncomfortable it makes one feel and the fear of the unfamiliar that breeds contrary reactions. Change is good for the soul of a nation that has for centuries been represented by one tone and shade. Change tabloids detest because it is a confusion of their status quo. The landscape has changed therefore it is no longer business as usual. The September cover reflects the change and representation of British society, with women from all works of life, incredible and powerful stories and inspiring narratives that have all contributed in one way or another to what it means to be Greatly British. Make no mistake this is still a fashion magazine but this is not a fashion cover. It is meant to inspire and continue to force a conversation that challenges a stereotype. It forces people to see and seek difference.

Life is hard enough without the world trying to chip away at you, the timing of this cover and the covers before couldn’t be more apt. The conversation is wider now, the room is large enough for other tables if one won’t make space on theirs for you. The landscape is not monotonous, the imagery not so bland and the difference is very much welcome. It’s old, young, Black, White, Activist, Actress, women who have achieved and continue to inspire change. This goes way beyond fashion it carries on. The conversation carries on.