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I inherited my dad’s bohemian nature for travelling and staying in hotels. I love staying in hotels, not airbnb or hostels, but hotels with room service and really good breakfasts- airbnb makes me feel like I am crashing on someone else’s turf so can never feel at home, and I have heard the horror stories and hostels because *Cedric voice* I’m a grown ass woman. On the rare occasion I do get some time away from the desk and screen of everyday grind, I love to check into a hotel and forget the world outside of it and The Ampersand hotel is one of such hotels I prefer to fall through bang in South Kensington, what I think of as London’s sweet spot. South Ken’ is near to everything but far enough away to be engulfed in a refreshing peace, and the Ampersand hotel is two minutes from the station.

It’s a boutique hotel in feel despite having over one hundred room spread across five floors. The interior is swish and the rooms are of the cool flair; yes it is a hip hotel but one that does not try too hard to be so, it just is; much like that really cool friend. Location wise it is perfect, a pleasant walking distance from Kensington, Gloucester Road, the V&A, Knightsbridge etc. Wonderful restaurants and Hyde Park, my favourite park in London.

The rooms at The Ampersand are larger than the average for London, at least the ones I have slept in. There is a lounge, dining room in the lobby laid out as an intimate parlour and a restaurant where afternoon tea can be taken. The best thing is that the mini bar is included in the rate, sans alcohol which is way more than most hotels offer. The staff are pleasant and always happy to help.

Side note: Restaurants in the area-

Margaux– a lovely french restaurant about a ten minute walk from the Ampersand Hotel, good food, fabulous wine and an unpretentious air.

Macellaio: steak restaurant with a bit of flair they do the whole steak, knife trickery in front of you which is pretty cool, and really good wines too. Don’t be put off by the hanging meats in the window.

PJs bar and grill: brunch particularly- and affordable too.

Scoop: ice cream parlour next door to the station. Its good ice cream.

Vencchi: Italian gelato parlour transported over. Possibly overrated still, good ice cream and possibly the best stratiatella flavour I have tried outside of Italy.

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