Peace @ St Paul’s

The view of St Paul is incredible, the view from St Paul is equally incredible. This remains my favourite building in London, and possibly the world depending on the day, the seasons and the mood I wake up in. Three buildings hold the spot of the best in the world: The Eiffel Tower, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Flat Iron building; I find all three fascinating and an architectural marvel not least because they date back to many years some in the last millennia and others way back when. In the UK, St Paul’s is in my opinion the best of the best of them and there are plenty buildings to keep one awed by their splendour. But there is something incredible and breath taking about the simplicity and the elegance of the cathedral, the feeling only compounded by the gardens surrounding it. It comes with a particular peace which is so very apt.

A tourist trap for sure but despite the crowds and the many selfie sticks, it holds its own even when shrouded by the likes of the Shard, the cheese grater, the walkie talkie… it is that special something in the London skyline.