Eat | Padella, London Bridge

You always know the reputation of a restaurant by the amount of people who are willing to queue up to dine in it. Padella is one of such places where the queue is long, it will always be busy, and more important the food is incredible. Each time I go past there, there is always a queue and I often wonder why anyone would want to queue up for anything besides free money… it takes me back to days of queuing up to get in the club and there I was silently judging everyone, but still so curious as to why the queue.

One day I made my friend hold a spot for us in the queue. I had become that person and the only redemption was for me to make sure the food would be as good as the queue implied.

The menu is simple; the freshest home made pasta, which if you have a table at the bar you can see them churning it out, and antipasti. Unlike most restaurant you don’t get spend forever choosing something from the menu, everything is wonderful and they make life easy for you by having a precise menu, some really good cocktails and dessert that in my opinion needs a little more work perfecting, especially since this is an Italian restaurant so you’d expect the gelato to be on point, but it fell, I found the salted caramel a little on the salty side… but no matter, the mains is what we came for. And we conquered most of it, eating our way through most of the menu. We are until literally everywhere in our body was full.

A small enough place, tables are close together, chatter carries on and the atmosphere so fun its an added bonus because the food is really all you came for.