Eat | Min Jiang Kensington- Come For The Food, Stay For The Views

Nestled at the top of one of my favourite hotels in London with the most precious views of the capital is what is in my opinion, the best Chinese restaurant in London. Min Jiang is on the tenth floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, right next door to Kensington Palace, with views of the Palace and Hyde Park, in the horizon is the skyline of London town and all that makes it so beautiful and worth it.

The Beijing duck is the star of the show here, and the servers makes a show of serving it to you which always elicits awe from other diners. The dim sum platter is pretty exquisite, the salt fish fried rice is possibly the best type of fried rice I have tasted. The flavours are full but don’t overwhelm the food, the aroma is just right. Come for the views, stay for the food and leave wanting more.

Possibly my favourite thing about Ming Jiang besides the food are the views… London in all her splendour, simply to die for and right next door to Kensington Palace, you couldn’t find a better address to dine in.