Where Are We Going Dressed Like That – Couture Edition

Let’s play dress up in head to toe, off the runway, couture; where are we going dressed like that. These are purely fictional but feel free to adapt them in your day to day, because your life should be that fabulous and that tad bit more dramatic than average Amy’s.

Armani Prive- The New Wife

You’re the new wife who is two years old than the daughter of your husband from his first marriage and you have been invited to the wedding. You’ll have to endure the sneers of the first wife and her posse. But that’s okay, you came prepared.

Valentino- The School Trip

How you’re showing up to the school field trip you have been guilt-tripped into chaperoning because are a working mother of three who constantly feels like she has to apologize for having a life. You have no time to bake home made cookies so you buy them from Harvey Nichols and don’t even bother removing them from the packaging because damnit Beyonce said it best; ‘I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.’ Haters are always gonna hate.

Dinner with your mean mother-in-law

Its your mother-in-law, she doesn’t like you, thinks you’ll never be good enough for her son, and insists on these dinners that are her personal battle field with you. Two can play that game ma’am.

Balmain- Ex-Fiancee wedding guest

Your ex-fiance insists on inviting you to his wedding after dumping you six months ago, with the “it’s not you it’s me” speech. And you know what, it really is him. Newsflash: You are not trying to be the bigger person here, you came to slay.

Iris van Herpen- The Understudy

Its the school ballet recital and you are the understudy determined to steal the show because why the hell not.

Givenchy; your nemesis’ funeral

Rest In Peace Bitch.

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