New Year, Same You, And That’s Perfectly Okay.

Happy New Year fam. I hope you had a wonderful time off, or enjoyed what little break you could… I do hope you got a break of some sort in between Christmas, if you celebrate, and as we switched years.

It’s the new year, 2019… the days seem long and the time endless, a new slate for next adventures, a fresh page for you to write on. New dreams, new hopes, new lists, new desires… newness. I love the new year, it is the beginning of something promising, a chance at a do over or another go at something… you have the entire year to figure it out.

And in that sentiment, it is fine to be the you, you have always been. The YOU that saw you through 2018. It’s a new year but you are the same old you and that’s absolutely fine. “New Year, New You” is a redundant phrase, one that has nothing to do with the essence of you. It is a false sentiment that pushes a mindset of forced perfection on you; as if the person you are, as you are, is not good enough or simply enough. You are enough, more than enough. Yes, sometimes shit happens, life takes a turn and we mess up, we get to learn from it and move on. We are not perfect, none of us are, we can only do what we can with the tools life gives us; lemons, lemonade and or tequila with a wedge…whatever gets your buds going but don’t buy into the sentiment that you have to change your entire self to make a difference or “live your best life”. If you feel you need to do that, then do so, but let it be your decision, not anyone else’s, not society’s.

As you look back on the year, celebrate your successes and failures, make peace with the person you are, the one you have become, let regrets die off and don’t look back at them you have no business there and you’ll sprain your neck. Accept your faults and your failures the same way you celebrate your successes because they are a part and parcel of who you are, they define your way forward and enlighten your path as you move on into the year. Be intentional about being true to yourself, because you, as you are, as you came into the world are enough… more than enough.

Happy New Year to the old you, and the different versions of you, you want to be. To you all