Advent Stories #11- The Mom Ultimatum

‘Mom please…mom please hear me out. Mom…’ Kaiser cannot get a word in edgeways. He has been on the phone to his mother thirty minutes and she has not stopped.

‘Hear you out saying what? You got married to a woman you met two days ago. Have you lost your damn mind?’

‘No mom, I am perfectly sane.’

‘No, you’re not because no rational person would ever do that. Act as if you don’t have a family. What do we know about this girl? Her family? Her people. How do you know she is not with you for your money?’

‘Trust me mom she does not need me for my money. I’m pretty sure of that.’

‘Still how could you be so cavalier?’

‘I don’t know what to tell you other than I fell in love-’

‘You fell in lust and there’s a cure for that its called a one night stand-’


‘Or a quick shag to get it out of your system not a commitment for a lifetime. Who the bloody hell does that?’

‘Mom you’re being unfair.’

‘Am I? Or is it you who decided to up and marry someone without even having the courtesy to bring her home. Why would you do that?’

‘I didn’t plan to fall in love with her, I just did. It just happened and now here we are.’

‘I don’t accept this Kaiser. I don’t accept it at all.’

‘I’m kind of an adult mom-’

‘An adult who has behaved so childishly. You do this and then call me to tell me after the fact. Your father would be so proud.’

That was the clanger he was waiting for, he knew she would invoke his father.

‘Mom don’t do that.’

‘Don’t do what? Tell you the truth? You think your father would be proud of how you have behaved?’

‘Dad has nothing to do with this mom. It was my decision.’

‘This is my decision; annul this goddamn marriage or I will not forgive for this.’ Dial tone.