The Autumn List

It’s Autumn and we are about to be engulfed in colours; reds and golds with fading greens. Its the perfect slant of the season. Nowhere does in-between seasons like Britain does. Absolutely nowhere. The temperature is perfect, the sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant shade of blue and even on the greyest of days, the feeling is pretty. The air is nippier and fresher. Its days like these that you enjoy the outside. Much as I love the summer, nothing tops autumn anywhere in the world, but most especially, the English country side.

With the change in season, we need a reminder that we ought to take care of ourselves, a little bit of selfishness is not a bad thing. I beg you, get out there and live and breathe and BE…in the moment, after the moment. Never stop. As the seasons change so do we, everyday little by little. Just don’t forget to take care of you.

Take a random day off: Any day of the week that suits you, turn off your phone, forget social media, don’t reply to emails, don’t worry about work, for it’ll be there tomorrow. If you have to call in sick, then do so. Make it a day all about you.

Eat a good and big breakfast: If you’re playing hookie outside, the day ahead is long and filled with adventures that require you to be well fuelled so eat a big breakfast of whatever you fancy.

Staying in? Lie in: have a long lie in, in bed and let you body wake up naturally. Have breakfast in bed and Netflix on rotation.

Matinee on a Monday: I personally am not a Monday person therefore Monday would be my perfect day to play away. It’s noon, the world is at work, enjoy a movie theatre to yourself, watch something light and fluffy, and fun.

Eat Dumplings for Lunch: In Mayfair there’s a market place every Monday and Tuesday for street food, its good, its cheap and its very delicious. From Jamaican to Argentinian, Thai to Chinese… there’s something for every palate even vegans. Best to get there early because by 2pm its all gone. Five dumplings for a fiver… can’t beat that.

See an Exhibition: art restores the soul and inspires your spirit. The V&A have a Frida Kahlo exhibition on at the moment, whilst it is sold out online you are able to get tickets everyday, if you arrive early enough to queue up for them. If you have little luck there try one of the independent galleries in and around London.

Play tourist: visit a landmark, London is awash with Landmarks and most Londoners never take advantage of this. I’ve still never been to Buckingham Palace. So see a few and play tourist in your city.

Go to an Evensong: I once went to King’s College Even song in Cambridge and it is a rare experience one should get to experience, whether or not you are religious, there is something about this experience that touches you. Its a time and a place where you get some peace and disconnection from everything.

Take Yourself To Dinner: dinner with oneself is something we ought to do more, it is deeply satisfying.

Window-shop: one of my favourite things to do when in London is to see the different window display of the big department shops- Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Liberty… creative and inspiring.