The East End | Dark Sugars: THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE…EVER!

That’s a big pronouncement considering I am not a huge fan of hot drinks even in the winter but this is coming from very reliable sources and purveyors of hot drinks; five years olds and some grown folks, whom I have often taken to this fine establishment and they have proclaimed it to be so. Therefore this statement stands true. Furthermore this is the only place I can have hot chocolate and not be sick about it later on… maybe its the shot of whisky or something. Dunno. This is Chocolate! Not your bug-standard commercial nonsense, this is real chocolate, cocoa made from chocolate beans right from Ghana shipped to the beating heart of London. Yes Nigerian jollof is better than Ghanian Jollof; but when it comes to chocolates, Ghana takes it all. Dark Sugars is a chocolate lover’s dream, truffles everywhere, filled with all kinds of indulgent flavours; wild strawberries, champagne, whisky, gin, brandy… heaven in your mouth. And the best, THE BEST, hot chocolate ever. The Irish hot chocolate is a particular favourite of mine topped with savings of chocolate, next in line by a hair is the hazelnut and praline flavour. Mmmmm…

The store is open, the display is wild, solid carved woods, earthy tones and that scent of cocoa in the air. It is the perfect spot to people watch in Brick Lane. It is always wonderful to see independent business thrive on the high street, especially one whose product speaks for itself and in Dark Sugars you feel it. The vibe here is friendly, staff welcoming, afro beat music on repeat, and chatting to the owner you get a real sense that passion goes into this. It is more than just a love of chocolate, it is about bringing the homeland to far and away places, giving people a taste of another world, awaking senses, doing wild things with chocolate and turning the ordinary into the extra ordinary.

This is more than just chocolate.

I am not a huge lover of chocolate, I like it enough, but I love doing things with chocolate that strays from the plain old and simple and Dark Sugars, works magic with chocolate; my favourite are the wild strawberry truffles, irish whisky truffles, flambeed cognac truffle, Hazelnut pearl, pink champagne pearl… you get the picture; don’t play it too safe, and chances are you will be pleasantly surprised with the mix you leave with.

It also doubles as an exhibition spaces showcasing incredible works of less well known artists so whilst you get your sugar high, indulge in some astounding work of art. When in London forget the high street chocolate shops, and go right to Dark Sugars, you won’t regret it.

Dark Sugars, 14 Brick Lane London, E1 6SB |