Stay | The Bingham Hotel, Richmond

Richmond is one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in London, or on the outskirts of it if we are being technically and geographically specific, it is in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames on either side of the famous river, and twenty minutes from central London. And it is home to the ever enchanting Bingham hotel.

The exterior is unassuming and you will be forgiven to see it as just another town house in the row of town houses that line the Petersham road, and if you blink you’ll miss it. The Bingham is a quaint townhouse hotel in Richmond, with fifteen bedrooms most with views of the River Thames, a charming little restaurant that serves a rather lovely afternoon tea. A terrace for drinks in the summer months that only adds to the quirkiness of the space.

The bedrooms are well proportioned, in a labyrinth spread over three levels. If you can, stay in the rooms with river views to the back and wake up to the enchanting chirps of beds and sounds of the water as the river rushes by. In the summer months, the morning light is really quite indulgent. Some rooms hold a rather dramatic copper bath which you cannot help but be indulgent in, others have a street facing view, but the traffic here is light enough not to disturb your night’s sleep, they hold a good sized bed and are extremely efficient with space so you don’t feel cramped, rather, comfortable so that even the single occupancy rooms are big enough for two if a little snug, but something about he Bingham’s cosy nature makes it work. The bar is houses in what feels like a living room with comfortable seats, an elaborate chandelier and that cosy feeling of the privacy of your home. It is exquisite to say the least. The staff and service is superb, and it is such a relief to see hospitality staff actually enjoy the job, it shows through the service and the staff at the Bingham are no exception to this. If you want to explore London and catch your breath from a full day they is the perfect location do it.

The Bingham Hotel 61-63 Petersham Road, TW10 6UT.