Walk Hyde Park

If there is one thing London has in abundance, bang in the middle of the city and does it so beautifully, its greenery. Parks! And of all the parks in all the land (dramatic enough?) Hyde Park is my favourite and dare I say, the most beautiful. It big and green and connects you to parts of London that are beautiful and splendid. Surrounding by a busy London this slice of paradise is picture perfect and you cannot help but feel like you are in a  cocoon as the world rolls on by. I love wandering Hyde Park in the early mornings when its just me and the statues that seem to move and talk to each other.

It’s so beautiful in the spring and summer, and haunting and perfect in the winter. You cannot deny the charm of Hyde Park when you step on her wonderful grounds that houses Kensington Palace, the Serpentine Gallery, the serpentine lake where you can paddle, go for a dip or feed the ducks… Spring has always been my perfect weather and its the perfect time to enjoy the greenery and the blooms in the park. Nowhere does the in-between seasons like London. Quote me on that. In the spring time its simply breathtaking so I urge you to grab your picnic basket, a blanket, chilled bottle of Rose from Harvey Nics (yes bougie as hell darling), cheese, biscuits, and grapes from Waitrose, biscuits, grapes and a good book. Switch off your phone and enjoy the peace of London all around you, constantly buzzing and moving to one rhythm. One of the best things in life London has to offer, and its for free.