The Summer Bag

The summer is slowly fading, in a pleasantly British way, with the rain and the slight feeling of all in the air. Looking back at the summer, and taking stock of style, one thing was obvious, a shift in style and an embrace of the anonymous accessory be it in small handbags or large straw bags, There was less an emphasis on the brand as the brands were nameless or of high street brands so much so it became akin to a movement. What has happened to our sense of style? Nothing much, it is simply an acknowledgement that as we evolve certain things became unnecessary and or passé such as a designer handbag. Now, this is not to say we don’t love nice things, we do, I most certainly do, but it is good to mix it up once a while, give the wardrobe a refresh and lighten the load. Especially during the dog days of summer in the blistering heat and humidity.