Getting Around

By Tube: is the quickest way to get you from point to point. It’s effective, its clean and fast. I always have a new found appreciation for the tube when I have been anywhere with less than stellar transport systems. This is not to say the tube is perfect but it is very good and very reliable. Emphasis on the very. The tube is served by 11 lines that connect you to 270 stations. Right to the heartbeat of London. You must pardon us however, in the summer the tube is less than ideal, it is hot and deep underground, humid. In the winter its pretty perfect, except on the rare occasion we get some snow then heaven forbid! Trust me we question this everytime even if we have come to expect it.

By Bus: definitely the most scenic way to get around London, but in traffic it is hell, in the blistering summer heat it is not ideal but you get to see much of London when you sit at the top decker of the bus. The bus network is okay, its reliable and all, but watch out for the term time madness and as usual rush hour. But its a pretty fun way to see London.

By Bike: as in many cities London has city bikes you can rent for the day to get around. I am not a fan of bikes because motorists have no respect for cyclists and vice versa, and I have witnessed an fatal accident involving a cyclist and a truck. It was not pretty. If you are careful these are alright I guess. If its your thing… I guess its aight. Whatever floats your boat.

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