Beauty | High Summer-Low Maintenance

I have a thing with make-up you see, its akin to an obsession that trips me up at times. I am not an expert about beauty, far from it, but I absolutely love make-up. But its a particular type of make up, I am not a full coverage woman because I am useless with foundation couldn’t blend to save my life, so I don’t play with it, though I have several… don’t ask. I Love mascara and liquid liner although I still have not mastered the art of the perfect cat eye flick end of the liner but every morning I try. If indeed I am late to a meeting nine times out of ten it is because I am stuck trying to perfect my eyeliner. For real. I have come to love and apprecaite a good blush, even the dreaded liquid blush. Lips; I know lips, its my safe space and my forte, I am not a beauty blogger but I’ve got a strong lip game. Trust.

For summer I am thinking something light, glowing and barely there but good shine and golden glow.

The Aura Gloss in Honey is a balm by Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder (I call it the honeypot balm) This is my main stay, my million dollar lip balm and I never leave home without it- it also almost feels like it costs a million dollars at £30 a pot. Infused with gold and pearl shimmer, it gives a most perfect shine without being heavy and caught in the right light its stunning on its own or as a base to gloss and I would imagine this to be a killer highlighter.

The best lipgloss on the market bar none is the Glssbomb from Fenty Beauty. And I should know because like I said, I have a mean lip game. I love this gloss, I love it so much I have three on me at any given time because I am too afraid to be left without it or that one day they’ll pull the plug on it. I hope that never, ever, ever happens in my life time. It lights up your lips and wakes up any face. The right shine, beautiful bronze tint, amazing application and an all round perfect 100. A perfect pick me up and something sweet and sassy for summer.

As I said, in love and in light all summer long.