Spring Edit

Spring! At last! I never thought I’d see you again! Listen my friends, I know how  you feel, we have been waiting a long time for this time of year. I will never take the change of seasons for granted again, I solemnly swear this. For a long time it felt as if we’d never leave winter behind, up until last week we were still in thick of winter singing her blues and longing for sunny days; colours again, the bright blue of the sky, the golden glow of the sun and long lazy days outside.

The time has come for us to lighten the load, shed layers and glide full blown into spring weather. Never mind that it was at most seven degrees and wet earlier this week, we are looking ahead not back, and I promise Spring is here.

What to wear? Clothes of course. Duh! Or we can all declare our freedom and run around naked, listen whatever floats your boat. If you are into clothes, here are a few things that should help lift your wardrobe.

The Shirt

You’ve heard of the atypical white shirt? Let’s swap that for a nice, crisp pink shirt. There’s something about the colour pink that elicits happiness, and lightness and fluff… its a happy colour, one that works in a lot of scenarios, definitely in Spring. Throw this on with a pair of jeans, shorts, white or black pants, even over a dress.

But then there is the white shirt, or blouse in this case, a good trend led piece is nice when it needs to be, and this Victorian or Edwardian (getting my eras mixed here) trend is sweet as they come, with the all over pointelle detail, it lends to the sexy, wear with a bra, wear without, its goes from Spring to summer in one easy swoop. So there you go, the white shirt lives another season.

The Dress

Midi dresses have snuck up through the ranks and become indispensable. Its that one item that fits in every scenario, picnic in the park, meeting the girls after work, work, play, all day, all night. And there isn’t a better season to wear a midi dress than the seasons in between, spring and autumn. Lace often has that thing where a lot of it is too much and too tacky, but then in the right colour and mix, it strikes a good medium for the season. This tulle with lace detailing is pretty as can be, the right balance in material and style, nipped in waste, full tiered skirt and embroidery that makes it look like you are sleeping on a bed of daises. Take it one step forward with this voluminous blue dress from Stories with drawstring and lace insert details on the sleeves.

The Jacket

The weather is in that sweet spot where it is warm enough to forego a coat but brisk enough to throw on a  light jacket. Such is the perfection of the in-between weather. The tweed jacket, let’s face it, everyone wants a Chanel boucle jacket but we don’t have Chanel money so to the high street it is. This tweed jacket from H&M is in all the right colours and cut for a little something to throw on for the evening chill. The kimono is something of an acquired taste, I am not quite used to it but its a good dynamic to the atypical blazer.

The Bag

Its not often that I prefer a small bag to a large one, but lately, I’ve been feeling for a little something lately, one that fits a phone, sunglasses case, travel card and not much else. You don’t want to have much else with a weather as light and bright and beautiful as spring or one as hot and humid as the summer should be. The unusual style of this leather bag makes it all the more darling; the sack and gold loop isn’t something new but its a good take on the draw string bag. Its cute.

The Shoes

I must admit, I miss wearing heels but life has happened and I find myself in more and more flats, trainers or converse. Since discovering that we can wear trainers or kicks, with practically everything well its become easy to just throw on a pair and get on with my day. And its not about to change any time soon. On the other end is the perfect pair of spring – summer flats that’ll work just as well with a dress as it would with pants, shorts, skirts… the works.

Here’s to all our spring summer flings, possecco in the evenings, ice cream for lunch, cake for breakfast and brunch for days… Happy Spring!