Spring Style | the two-piece

Spring! It is finally here!! I say that with much hesitation and all my fingers crossed because right now its raining in London and some parts of the UK had easter snow but rain over snow whilst indoors. I am way over this weather! Who isn’t though? The time has come for us to take back our wardrobes and press reset on style. Because of all the seasons, spring is my favourite; its the perfect time of year where everything is just right, the elements come together, and all is blissful and perfect. Poetic enough?

The spring wardrobe is most enchanting. We get to play with our style, have fun, remove blacks and infuse some colour, a lot or a little, whatever you fancy because there is no right or wrong way, that’s the thing about style it is all about your way to wear whatever you want to wear. But one thing we can all agree on, wherever you are, its time for a lift from all this fog, and dense and cold and grey. Its time to stop singing the blues and throw on some bright blues, and pastel pinks and mellow yellows… all the puns and rhymes. This season and beyond, I am coveting a two piece. Specifically, this two piece. I love everything about it, the colours, the silhouette, the mix of patterns… everything. Its a bold sophistication cloaked in confidence and some mad swagger. There is power in this two-piece, but what’s best is the mix you can play with in your wardrobe, you already have everything you need because let’s face it, no self respecting wardrobe would lack a denim shirt, a white or grey tee, flared jeans, a pencil skirt or a pretty blouse. All those things and more would work ever so well with the separates. Apart or together this piece has all kinds of power and your spring wardrobe simply couldn’t ask for more.

Ade two piece available here

And now about this weather… to whom do we speak?