Twelve Things For Christmas | Declutter & Charity

The holidays are the absolutely perfect time to declutter your space. No matter how big or small, every space needs to be decluttered of all the excess stuff we piled on throughout the year, stuff we did not really use but take up space, no matter how small in our homes; notebooks, pots and pans, clothes, etc. everything that has not been put to use these past twelve months has got to go. It gives you a sense of pride and puts your mind at ease. You get to see your space in a brand new light and let lots of light in.

Once this is all done, pack your bags and cart them off to the charity shop. Look things up online, there is always a scheme for the homeless, the old, the poor, the sick… there are lots of resources in your local community to help those for whom Christmas will be less than celebratory. At my work station in London, some blessed soul has put out a wrack of coats, it invites you to take one if you need one and asks you to leave one if you have one to leave. Its such a simple but helpful course. Another way to help is to reach out to a charity for the aged such as Age UK, they require people to spare 30 minutes of their week as a phone befriender to an older member of the public; spend some time chatting to them. You may be the only contact they have the whole week but it makes an immense change to their day. Another way, volunteer in a homeless shelter, or a soup kitchen.

As we wind down to Christmas, getting swept up in the season’s merriment amidst presents, dinners, shopping, cooking, it is easy to forget those for whom the season is a little less joyous, what little time we can spare goes a long way for others in need.