I planned to post this in August, but wasn’t able to- life and travels and what not. Now that we are in September, for some reason it couldn’t be more apt and let’s face it, the September issue of Vanity Fair is pretty pedestrian- what a bore.

I used to think, and have often voiced, that the pregnancy editorial post Demi Moore is redundant. It often feels like any editor doing it afterwards lacked imagination and couldn’t be more transparent, but that was until Serena on the cover of Vanity Fair August ’17 issue. Call me biased, I am.

Very much so.

For August 2017 Vanity Fair has Serena Williams on the cover, nude, bump and all, looking glorious and glowing. I love this cover, that pose celebrates the strength of a woman, and in another vein it is a celebration of the serenity of pregnancy, I would imagine. There is a particular grace in her stance and an effortless peace. She radiates with warmth and bliss, and her strength couldn’t be more obvious. But more than the editorial shoot is the interview. One day words will be put to song about how great an athlete Serena Williams is and long after she retires, always will be. The greatest of all time, and without question, of her time, but I also have no doubt there will be words for her love and romance with her fiancé Alexis Ohanian,  and her daughter. I love a good love story and this is as sweet and charming as it gets, a meet cute that becomes something much more. It’s not laced with poetry, hearts, and flowers but its got even more heart and charm at its core. I love how they meet, its not grandiose, I love their first date, its charming even in its uneventfulness, you can tell this is a story of two people who deeply respect each other and are just as enamoured with each other. I love its unpretentious trajectory into something more and the unexpectedness of it all, it blossoms into something neither can predict or plan for, and that is what I find most endearing of all.

Its often the sweetest kind of love stories that are filled with the unexpected.

There is a fierce drive and determination about her, a fire deep within when she talks about her love for tennis and the mental challenge of being on the court, having a not so great set, and getting back in the game. Seeing Serena on a tennis court has to be one of the wonders of the world, that all must get to witness. Its why we call cannot wait for her return.

Congratulations Serena! Cheers to you and many more years of awesomeness.

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