The WKND | Galleries, Mexican, and Good Coffee

What are we doing this weekend? A question with a million answers, in London, you can do anything pretty much because there is too much to see and do, but we’ll start with these three things and you can take it from there.

For Culture & History

I raved about it here but you need to go see Soul of Nation before it leaves the Tate Museum, its a spectacular exhibition that brings together history from a dark time and shines light on the bright sparks from the darkness. It tell the stories and continuous struggles of a time past and the present through works that evoke powerful emotions in all who see it. And all should.

For The Kid In Everyone

When I was a young girl growing up my favourite super hero was super man; he had a cape, sorry Edna Mode, capes were cool and on super man they always here, and he always saved the day.These days super heroes and few and far between what with real life always interjecting itself into our fantasies. Well our fantasies have come together in one place in London, the Art of the Brick exhibition in Lambeth is a pretty cool throwback to our childhood when our heroes simple and relatively uncomplicated. Its a great collection of heroes big and small, a child’s fantasy and for the big kids in us all from Super man to Super girl, to some heroes I don’t recognise, to the full on bat mobile at the end, it defies the imagination how this all was constructed, much kudos to Nathan Samaya who put together more than two million lego bricks to produce this unique and brilliant exhibition. Go see before it leaves in September.


Head on to Borough market, take a walk along the River Thames the back roads are more picturesque and quintessentially London. Lunch is at one of my favourite Mexican restaurants in London; El Pastor. No reservations so there will be a bit of a wait because this place it is pretty popular, a hole in the wall that leads to a space of flavours and excitement, and hair raising-ly fantastic food sure to wake up your buds and make you do that little happy dance, you know the one, we all have it. Best guacamole I have had in years.

Afterwards, stop off for coffee at my favourite café it’s one of three places I have coffee outside Cuba, yes this is true… Monmouth coffee, three doors or so down from El Pastor. I don’t like coffee, but if I am having coffee without rum then this is the best or second best place in London, but the best in Borough that serves it. I know another place with coffee just as good and pastries to die for, but that is for another day or another weekend.

When you’re done, amble along the river the other way, and take in the sites make a list of what you’re going to do next week because in London you are really never done.

Have a wonderful weekend…