Prague | Bohemian Heart

Prague used to be the place for yobs on a piss up lousy weekend stag-dos, those who want cheap beer and cheaper thrills, but a lot has changed from those days thank heavens. Today we can appreciate the beauty of a city filled with grit and heart. Prague. It’s the quiet charmer at the heart of Europe, literally at its centre, the capital of the Czech republic, located in the political region of Bohemia.

A weekend is more than enough time to explore the city and get to know it proper but there is more to Prague so venture further if you wish, you have nothing to lose.

Before Wheels Up

A few logistical details to get out of the way…

Somewhere Old Through Places New: The Old Town

There is grit in the beauty of Prague, grit with an undeniable sense of history you see the rawness of Prague walking the street, the bohemian nature of a city blessed to have as its Patron Saint the saint of bohemian- Wenceslas which lends to the lackadaisical feel of the city, but on the other hand are the lessons of the past that remain in the periphery of that wildness and this is what makes Prague the city it is today.

Back In Time, And Then Move Forward


Prague is beautiful with a sense of wildness at its core, its a raw and particular kind of beauty with a divine edge.