Shopping Edit | Dresses For A Wishful Summer

It’s official we are having a shitty summer, rain, rain, high winds and grey clouds everyday, save for those few days in June when I was unfortunately otherwise engaged, so this post is in hopes that August will see the return of the high season so we can wear pretty dresses once again, go bare legs, throw on sunglasses, and be carefree and happy. All fingers and toes crossed, my one wish this summer was to wear pretty dresses and my afro… I am two for two on that, but then I need a weather that prickles my skin with heat, and makes me want to stay up until sunrise sipping champagne and doing terribly naughty things with friends… I live in such hope that some day. But in the meantime, in anticipation of a scorching August here are some pretty dresses we can be inspired by, to fill our wardrobes. From the eye roll inducing, overly trendy off-shoulder, another trend I tried hard, but failed to resist its charms, to the white dress- I am still trying to brave wearing mine for fear of spilling something on it which I will almost likely do- to the classic maxi and of course florals.

The Gap Edit

I know, I know, I often rail against the GAP because I find it so basic but if you squint there are a few nice pieces that can be worn during the summer months and GAP always has an offer or a sale going on, I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for anything in the Gap.

The Zara Edit

Whilst I have an issue, a major issue, with Zara sizing, try as I might, I cannot knock their game because they are killing it right now. Every time I shop online with Zara, I come away several hundreds of pounds lighter, Lord help my bank account, but they have such pretty things, cool and fun. And incredibly stylish. Now about the size thing, they go up to an XXL but wouldn’t it be better serves to actually cut clothes according to the UNIVERSAL size than two sizes smaller, giving us all a complex? Zara dear Zara why do you insist on being so mean… pretty clothes though.

The H&M Edit

Like Zara I have issues with H&M sizing because you have to go up two sizes just to get something to fit but no matter, like Zara too they have some pretty lovely things in their collection right now that have me lusting in all ways from pretty blues to feisty reds, assuming you can find it to fit in your size. Love above and beyond that Gingham dress!

The Spree Edit

And now for things from the higher echelon. It’s always nice to dream isn’t it? I love a good lingerie dress, I never thought I would be on board with this trend but its caught on to me and I am fully fledged on board with it, 200% its the absolute perfect piece for a high summer season… as I said, I am hopeful for a scorching August, and possibly September.

Are you there Lord…?