The Last Minute Holiday Edit | What To Pack, The Lazy Guide

August, a glorious time of the year, supposedly highest of the high summers, school’s out, vacation is in, we are throwing in stuff in the suitcase we don’t really need for a long week or weekend away. How is it that when it comes to packing for the holidays we always seem to want to bring everything? Those shoes we’ve hardly worn that are so uncomfortable but yes, fabulous, and don’t even get me started with the make up. We are all consummate over-packers, even yours truly is super guilty of it; for a ten day trip I have been known to pack 20 dresses and ten shoes because who knows what emergencies there’ll be.

Anyway here is a short thing I’ve put together as a guide as to what to pack and this below is ideal for a weekend or long weekend away. Let’s go.

I never take jeans on holiday because its bulky, separates add more weight to luggage and nine times out of ten I never wear them. I love the convenience of a dress, its an ideal piece to pack for travel so most my luggage is filled with dresses.

On beauty, keep it simple pick your best hits and whittle them down to your greatest hits; blusher, maybe powder, kohl pencil, two popping lipsticks/liquid lipsticks/gloss, I tend to stick with red and pink, mascara and you are good to go. Your cleansers as well should be that easy, micellar water, travel size toner, hydrating cream and wipes. And protection, SPF 50 and above.

Have a wonderful holiday, we have all earned it. And be safe,