Beautiful July- YSL, A Blush Story

It was the summer of 2008 and I was feeling pretty low. I am a late bloomer when it comes to make up, like so many things actually, but we won’t get into how I still have songs like When You’re Gone on my iTunes play list but go figure. I went into John Lewis with a friend who wanted to check out some make up and we stopped by the YSL beauty counter to play. I’d just mastered how to work a mascara, having fallen in love with the cult classic Maybelline Great Lash mascara so what did I know about blush? Absolutely nothing.

But it wasn’t the blush that sold me on this particular blush, it was the woman behind the counter, after all these years, I cannot forget her name, Asher. Not because she was such a great sales person, that she was but there was something more about her, it was her vibe, her essence so to speak. She complimented me on my cheekbones, they are popping and I got ’em from my mama, but I made a self deprecating comment about it being the only skinny thing on my body- sarcasm a default of mine, but being young- ish and insecure it was my way of hiding my MANY insecurities, so her compliment was deflected with my sarcasm not wanting to believe it. But she didn’t let my offish attitude deter her, I am not sure if she was working on commission or not, but she was genuine. She insisted I take a sit and she play makeup on me. I never, ever allow anyone play rogue on my face or hair except my trusted hair dresser, and me for makeup, but something about her vibe made me take a sit and shut my sarcastic mouth the hell up.

Whilst in her chair we talked about life, well mostly about me, she wanted to know as she talked me through make up and within two minutes of being in that chair, I relaxed and eased into it, actually let myself enjoy the moment as we shared life stories. How was she to know that this would be the only moment of happiness in what had been an arduous day, and every other day dealing with relationship and work woes. She didn’t know, but I knew and being in that chair, her putting some slap over my face as if akin to a much needed hug that made my day, week…that feeling has never left me.

It’s why I hold on to this old blush, I mean its likely swimming with all kinds of bacteria and what not considering you are only meant to keep makeup no longer than 12 months in some cases- OMG!! *insert ARGH! face* but I cannot bring myself to toss this aside, every single time I use it I remember that feeling of goodness that Asher left me with that day. The product itself is something kinda special, it comes in a little gold pot with a mirror on the top and a blush applicator brush on the inside which helps control the application, after a wee while mine has since stopped working so I just use my brush, which still works. It has quite some pigmentation so no need for layers, I don’t use foundation so the deep set pink peppered with shimmer works a treat on my dark skin tone, and pops my cheekbones, for real, with a sparkling line of dust. And it lasts and last and lasts, I never have to reapply through the day but it simply stays on. Every single time I use it I get complimented and asked about it, which naturally leads me to want to tell them all about the experience sounding more like a weirdo. Its a true delight to use and leaves me feeling even more delightful thanks to Asha.

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