Brunch- Double D’s & Pastries

My one rule in fashion is NEVER DOUBLE DENIM. For a long time, too long possibly, I have hated, seriously hated this combination. There is something terribly heavy about the look, and I’ve simply never been endeared by it, until one morning I was faced with that old dilemma; I had nothing to wear. At least nothing that would fit so I threw on a pair of jeans and a denim shirt. Apparently the secret to this look is in the shade… somebody should have told me about these things; I wouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss this as a hench look. But better late than never, as the cliché goes.

Spring is finally here and we are all in it FTW!! Time to shed those bulky winter coats, and scarves, and tights, shave everything and let go of the winter blues because the season of perfection and beauty and rebirth is here. And this double denim ensemble, is the perfect look for now. Infuse some colour; denim of any kind is a good backdrop to all kinds of fun colour, play with pinks and reds drown out the beige and kill the blacks… I know, I know, but it seems like we have waited a long time for this spring and I am all in with the colours about to come our way.

So where to for brunch? I have the perfect place in mind for the perfect menu; pastries and sweet things at the Dominique Ansel bakery in Victoria; scene of several pastry crimes. I did a drive by there over brunch with one of my friends the other day, and then left with £60 worth of pastries. I think I bought every single pastry they had in the store, because dessert is a food group in my book. Its the perfect spot for brunch and a catch up with outdoor and indoor seating and an open kitchen. It smells like heaven.

Yes, you’ll wait in line and what not but its so worth it.

Stand in line for the best madeleines, served warm with a dusting of powder sugar, it’s really, really good. But the best thing about this place, the absolute greatest thing is not the cronut, yes that’s also really good. On a recent trip to Barcelona I denounced the cronut after I’d eaten one, or what was represented as a cronut and I was especially unimpressed. It tasted like a badly fried croissant masquerading donut- I’m sure that’s a thing somewhere out there. I guess that’s what happens when imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. The cronut at Dominique Ansel however, is a different matter all together, and rather good. Very, very good so I stand corrected on the cronut.

BUT that’s not the best thing about the bakery, the absolute best thing here is the soft cheesecake. Let me tell you about this cheese cake; it’s a soft, melt in your mouth ricotta with a light caramelised bruleé top and a perfect base. It is everything that is good and pure in the world of pastries. The absolute best thing ever! (I say that about most every pastry, but seriously, nothing will compare to this) I have never, and will never taste anything better in my whole life, and trust me in the name of finding a good pastry, I have tasted a lot. Good pastries matter and not all are made equal. This cheesecake is especial, heaven on pastry earth, it is happiness. Oh the cronut’s nice too, as is the chocolate lined cookie shot, and salted caramel eclair, and soft baked cookie, but nothing will top that cheesecake.

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